Our story is really Caleb’s story.

It’s also a story familiar to any parent who has a child with a chronic illness, severe allergies or learning disorder, with dietary restrictions.

If you struggle finding healthy, allergen friendly (gluten, grain and sugar free food) that has no artificial ingredients or preservatives, then we can help. 


28 Easy Gluten Free Recipes for Kids

In this free eBook, you will get:

  • 28 easy to make gluten free recipes chosen specifically for children.
  • Step-by-step cooking directions with shopping lists.
  • Beautiful images of completed recipes.
  • Learn interesting facts & figures about celiac disease, Crohn’s and Colitis.

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Why It’s Important to Provide Allergen Friendly Food for Children With Dietary Restrictions

Approximately 27% of U.S. children live with chronic health conditions that affect their daily lives and normal activities. My son Caleb is one of these children. Caleb has Crohn’s disease and is on a special diet to manage his illness. These diseases and the dietary restrictions that often follow, contribute to not only missed school days, hospital and doctor visits, but ongoing social anxiety and psychological fallout. Providing allergen friendly food for children with dietary restrictions is important to create “quality of life” for our children. Find out why.


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Here’s what parents and kids are saying about our food

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Traditional food that kid’s love, that’s not junk food.

All of our food is grain, gluten, sugar and preservative free. We use only natural, whole ingredients with no toxic food additives.