Here is another post from Rachel King, who is one of our contributing bloggers from Caleb’s Club. She is 13 years old, has Crohn’s disease and is on The Specific Carbohydrate Diet (a diet with pretty intense dietary restrictions) to help manage her disease. This diet limits carbohydrates by eliminating all grains, glutens, sugars & processed foods. Every month, she shares her experiences as a young teenager navigating the world on a special diet. 

This summer I went to a daytime horse camp and it was a ton of fun. I loved it. We all brought our lunch every day, so I just brought the usual … lunch meat, veggies, fruit, and some gluten free crackers or some nuts. Most of the girls brought lunchables or a sandwich. I don’t really mind having to take my own food to anything anymore. If they ask about it I just explain to them why I have to eat a special diet and everyone understands. I just love being around horses, and riding them.

We also had our summer conference swim meet in July, and that’s always a blast. It was kind of weird though because every year we’ve swam this meet in an outdoor pool, and this year we had an indoor pool. I love hanging out with my friends, and watching them swim.

Dietary Restrictions

It started at 8 o’clock in the morning, so mom sent us with eggs and bacon for breakfast. Then mom came later with the rest of the food, like grapes, apples, veggies, apple sauce, granola, muffins, and paleo cookies. I feel like my swimming has definitely improved since I got sick, I did pretty well this summer, and I’m sure the SCD has helped me have the strength and energy to become a long distance swimmer.

The Bible camp I went to was at night time, so I didn’t have to bring any meals. We did have snacks, though most of the time it was just fruits, cheese, and crackers. I just stayed away from the foods like crackers. But I love just eating fruit by itself, I could eat grapes all of the time. My new favorite snack is frozen grapes. One night we brought rice crispy treats, which I can tolerate once in a while.

I just got back from our family vacation in West Virginia and it was really fun!! We stopped in Ohio to see some friends and visit the Air Force Museum. After that we went to the Gettysburg Battlefield, and I really liked all the monuments.

This entire road trip we brought our own food, and ate steak, eggs, lunch meat, veggies, fruit, and cheese, even hauled it up to our hotel rooms! That’s what you call, making the most of a diet with pretty crazy dietary restrictions. Then we met some more friends in Virginia where we made a side trip to Annapolis. We went to a great BBQ restaurant where I was able to order a salad with some plain BBQ on top. The last part of our trip we spent in West Virginia and stayed in this cabin up on top of a mountain … it was so beautiful up there!

One night, mom, dad and I, ate spaghetti squash in place of normal spaghetti. I didn’t used to like spaghetti squash, but I’m starting to get used to it, just like many other vegetables. One day our water ran out, and that was really annoying, although the little kids thought it was fun to take a bath in the hot tub!   So the owner bought us all dinner, and while the rest of the kids ate pizza, I had steak and cheese without the bread. Our friends were very interested in the SCD diet and the grown-ups talked about it constantly. My mom planned all the meals and they were surprised to see how good all the food was!

In, this blog I’ll be sharing my favorite thing to eat for breakfast, which is some really good granola. It’s called Homemade Paleo Granola Crunch.

Dietary Restrictions

I don’t like coconut very much, so sometimes mom will make it without it for me. I eat it with the raw milk we get, and it’s so good!

Since we are heading into fall, my next blog will feature my favorite fall snacks, and plans for our annual family and friends bonfire with SCD party food! Having dietary restrictions isn’t so bad after all!

Well, that’s it for today. I’ll be back in September. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

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Being a Teenager With Dietary Restrictions and Enjoying Summer
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