Moms & Children Share Their Journey’s of Diet & Disease

This journey of chronic illness and allergy is a challenging one, certainly for Caleb, as well as for me, his mom.  But I have learned over the years, that I am not alone on this path. There are hundreds if not thousands of other parents, guiding and supporting me. They have shared their stories, insight and wisdom along the way. This is my attempt to pass it on. Here, you will find stories and rants from other parents, survival tips, recipes and more. I hope you find them helpful, interesting, or at least entertaining.

In addition, Caleb and other children share their experiences of not only living with allergies and disease, but what it’s like as a kid to be on a special diet.  So, Subscribe to get the latest of Caleb’s Blog.

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How to Cook Creatively on the SCD

Imagine yourself walking through the streets of a country who's cuisine and culture are totally foreign. Maybe it’s a Vietnamese market with dozens of kinds of rice; one varietal used to make smooth rice paper, [...]

By |September 12th, 2018|
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