Caleb has Crohn’s Disease and he is the reason we started Caleb’s Cooking Company. Now on the SCD diet for almost 2 years, we realized how little grain, gluten, dairy, sugar, preservative free food exists out there for kids, so we decided to create our own. We are not doctors, but we have seen the remarkable improvement in Caleb and other kids eating healthy foods like the food we plan on making. All of our food has no grains, glutens, (complex carbs – like potatoes and rice – which turn into sugar in the body), sugar or preservatives. It’s also all organic and GMO free.

The SCD Diet is an elimination diet, which is based on the theory that by eliminating most carbs (primarily grains, starches, dairy, and sugars) and allowing only specific carbs that require minimal digestion, it can reduce inflammation and make digestion e enjoyable for people with gastrointestinal (GI) disorders.

The SCD Diet stands for Specific Carbohydrate Diet and it is based on the understanding that most inflammatory bowl diseases are as a result of an overgrowth and imbalance of intestinal microbial flora. By changing our diet, we can effect this intestinal flora, and bring it back into balance, healing our digestive tracts and restoring proper absorption. You can learn more about the SCD Diet on the Breaking the Vicious Cycle website.
The Paleo diet is based on the way that our “ancestors” ate, reverting back to the way our bodies were made to consume food (similar to cavemen and women).

The diets are very similar in that they both eliminate all complex carbohydrates, preservatives, sugar and focus on a diet filled with protein, vegetables, fruits and nuts. The biggest difference is that the SCD Diet allows some dairy and legumes and Paleo doesn’t.

We don’t use any gluten in our products. In fact, all of our food is prepared using only grain free ingredients. But, with that said, we are not certified gluten free yet. Once we get off the ground, we can move to a facility that allows us to get the gluten free certification.

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms and Caleb’s Food does not contain any ingredients that contain GMO’s. We are working on getting our GMO Free Certification.

Absolutely and we encourage it.  So much of the food that kids eat today is filled with sugar and preservatives.  Our goal is to make fun, fast, healthy food for all kids that is whole, organic and healing.

When I asked Caleb what foods he missed most, he told me pizza, chicken nuggets and enchiladas, so those are the first three products we’re starting the business with. We plan to roll out a wide variety of kids food, everything from burritos to wraps, honey based ice cream to lasagna.

We need to raise some capital before we can start cooking, so the plan is to launch an Indiegogo campaign to raise the money. We hope to get this under way in the coming months, so that we can start to sell in the Spring. If you would like to follow our campaign, please click here, and we’ll keep you updated as to our progress.

We try to buy only organic ingredients for everything we make, but it depends on the food.

Every product is different, but there are no grains, gluten, sugar, complex carbs (rice, potato) or preservatives in any of our foods. We will provide a daiy and non dairy version for as many products as possible. One promise we make is that your child will be able to pronounce every ingredient.

We want the kids to get involved! There are too many kids out there who feel alone, like they’re the only ones with an inflammatory disease on a special diet. I believe the more we can bring them together to share their experiences and empower each other, the better. Caleb is taking lead on this and we’ve created Caleb’s Club just for kids. It’s a private club where kids can hang out, share funny videos, music etc. Have your child join and get involved today. We are also looking for bloggers and videographers to help create content for other kids. If your child is interested, email me at

Joining is easy. Just go to the Caleb’s Club page on the website and have your child register. Once they do, they can not only post cool content for others to see (like videos, music, images and more), but they can also see other kid’s posts, comment and like them, add friends and more. We want to create a vibrant community of children all hanging out and sharing experiences.

Fill out the Blog subscription form and you can follow all of our blogs and videos to get tips, tricks, recipes and insights from other parents and kids with auto immune illnesses on special diets.

We are posting new videos and content every week on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Please join our community and help spread the word.

We’ll be launching our newsletter in the coming months, so stay tuned and you’ll see a form to fill out so we can put you on our list. The newsletter will be filled with lots of great information from “Caleb’s Kids”, other parent bloggers, cool recipes, food promotions & deals, and more.

We’re looking for children and parents interested in joining our community to write blogs, make videos, take pictures etc. to help tell the story of their journey. I believe the more we share our stories (especially the children), the more healing and empowerment will come. If you or your child would like to participate, please email me at