When going to sleep at night or just thinking about things in my life, one thought sometimes pops into my head.

What would I do if I could cheat on the SCD for one day?Starting the SCD

I remember this summer being on a hiking trip at camp, and to make discussion, some of the other kids were discussing what food they would eat if it was their last day to live. This question stirred up some thoughts in my head as well. What would I do if I could cheat on the diet and Crohn’s for one whole day with no consequences?

cheat on the scd

It’s a crazy concept to think about – especially having had to live with the SCD lifestyle for so long (going on 3 years).

The typical answer would be to fill your face with chocolate cake, cookies, and pizza, and eat as much as you can in that one day, but that isn’t what I would do.

Every action has consequences, and that is the truth.

Eating all of the food that I shouldn’t would only affect me in a negative way. It would make going back to the diet after that one day so much harder. Besides the horrible stomach ache I would get, it would also make me crave the food that I can’t have, which would make staying on the diet much more difficult.

It would also take me back months and even years in healing and what the diet has done for my body. By starving the bad bacteria in the gut, I live today in complete remission. But eating the foods I can’t would just bring the bad bacteria back. And that would be a big step backwards in my healing and my life.

I would basically have to start the diet again.

Staying strict is key to staying healthy.

So even if I could have this one day to do as I please, I still wouldn’t. Short term, it might be fun, but in the long term, it’s not a good strategy.

What do you guys think? What would you do if you could have one day to eat whatever you wanted? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.


If I Could Cheat on the SCD and Crohn’s for One Day
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