It started with a Crohn’s diagnosis four years ago. We put Caleb on a diet that eliminates all gluten, grains, sugar and preservatives called The Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD). We quickly realized how many other kids were on special diets just like Caleb, and how little food there was in the market for us to buy.

So, we decided to do something about it and Caleb’s Cooking Company was born.

Meet three kids with Crohn’s on special diets and find out what it’s like being a young teenager and navigating a world of birthday parties, sleepovers and bake sales on a diet where you can’t eat any of the food being served.


Meet The Team

Cindy Frei

Cindy Frei is an innovative and entrepreneurial leader with almost 25 years business management experience, spanning digital marketing, television development/production and Internet services.

Having worked in the television industry for almost ten years, Cindy’s core expertise lies in storytelling and creating powerful content solutions to help organizations achieve their business goals. She has a proven ability to manage budgets in excess of $5 million, to set business and group goals and lead large creative teams to achieve success & exceed client expectations.

In the early 1990’s, Cindy helped raise almost $10 million dollars in venture capital to found a digital media firm called How2TV, where she served as SVP Business Development. Years later, she used this experience to launch a marketing firm called Vizolution. She is now venturing into the food industry with her third company called Caleb’s Cooking Company.


Caleb is an outgoing 14-year-old boy who loves to play tennis, video games, photography and cook. He was always a good cook, but ever since he started the SCD diet, he has become quite passionate about not only finding great recipes for us (I’m on the SCD with him), but also mastering them in the kitchen. He has lots of friends who are very supportive of him and he is learning to self advocate and accept his new diet and healthy eating lifestyle.

Caleb is very excited to launch Caleb’s Club and help be a role model for other younger children on a special diet like SCD or Paleo. He will be making videos and writing blogs on a weekly basis sharing his experiences as a teenager with Crohn’s.

Travis Bettinson – Chef

Travis created all of the original recipes for Caleb’s Cooking Company. He graduated from Johnson & Wales University with a BS in Culinary Nutrition, focusing on cooking for families with their own dietary thumbprints. While at school he worked in a variety of restaurants and hotels such as The Langham Hotel and Chez Henri in Boston. 

Travis later opened his own personal chef and catering business, called Junip Foods, whose goal is to enhance and appreciate the diversity, beauty, and wealth of our food system. Travis cooked for Camp Oasis nationwide and most recently prepared all of the recipes/food for a study done by Seattle Children’s Hospital on the SCD Diet.