Rachel King is 13 years old, has Crohn’s disease and is on the SCD Diet. Every month, we’re blessed to get a glimpse into her life, as she shares what it’s like living life as a teenager, on a special diet, with a chronic illness.  

I love summer because there’s 1) no school 2) more swimming 3) I get to see my friends and family, and 4) I get out more to do lots of activities. But, that also means I have to eat out of the house more, and being on a special Crohn’s diet, that means making food to eat to take with me.

Last weekend I spent the night at the St. Louis Zoo with my American Heritage Girls Troop. The rest of the girls ate pizza for dinner and donuts for breakfast, so I brought my own food. For dinner I ate some carrots, chicken salad and some apples. For breakfast I ate a hard boiled egg, and a muffin. It’s hard sometimes, having to bring all of my own food and being different from the rest of my friends, but I’ve learned to accept it and it’s definitely better than being sick all of the time. We went on a night tour and saw all the animals out, and we saw the big cats out walking around, and it was really cool.

Every year I go to a three day church retreat, and I bring my own food. This is just part of what we have to do being on the SCD Diet. We talk to the people running the camp ahead of time and they let me keep my food in their kitchen. We listened to talks, and break up into our little groups for discussion. We had a snack every once in a while and when that happens, I would just go down to the kitchen and get my food.


Crohn's Diet

My favorite thing about summer is swimming and seeing my swimming friends. Every Tuesday and Thursday, we have swim meets. Our coach hands out candy after our races, which I save up until the end of the summer and then hand out to the little kids. They love it! It’s a great way for me to stay on my diet and make lots of little kids happy.

Everyone is always hungry at swim meets, so we normally bring fruits, vegetables, steak/chicken or lunch meats, and mom or I will make some SCD cookies to eat. Mom then brings some junk food for the rest of my siblings.

I decided it would be cool if I shared a recipe at the end of all my blogs.

This pancake recipe is amazing. They are called Jim’s Fluffy Pancakes. We make them all of the time, sometimes twice a week, and even for dinner or lunch. We’ll add fruit to the top or sometimes we make our own whipped cream to put on them. Mom and Dad like to put our homemade fermented yogurt on them. We also mix melted butter and honey together to make a syrup.  Check them out. I think you’ll love then.

Crohn's Diet

I still have some fun things to look forward to this summer. Next week I’m excited to go to a horse camp, and at the end of July we are going to Virginia and West Virginia with my family. In between those

events, I am attending Totus Tuus, which means “Totally Yours,” which is a Catholic vacation bible school.

In my next blog in August I will tell you how they went!




Summer Time & Eating Out on a Special Crohn’s Diet
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